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About the Housing for all Seattle The Housing for all …

About the Housing for all Seattle

The Housing for all Seattle is a non-partisan research and policy partnership between academics, policy and decision makers, service providers and people with lived experience of homelessness. Led by Anthony Baxter, President & CEO, the Housing for all Seattle works in collaboration with partners to conduct and mobilize research designed to have an impact on solutions to homelessness.

To bridge the gap between research, policy and practice, the Housing for all Seattle goes beyond the mandate of a traditional research institute. As one of the largest homelessness-dedicated research institutes in the world, we support service providers, policy makers and governments to improve their capacity to end homelessness. Our philosophy is simple: through collaborative approaches across research, evaluation and design, we can develop and mobilize evidence-based solutions and together, prevent and end homelessness.

Research Priority Areas

The work of the Housing for all Seattle is organized around eight research priority areas, each designed to involve cross-sectoral partnership and collaboration aimed at conducting and disseminating research for impact:

  • Understanding systems integration
  • Models of accommodation and support
  • Understanding Indigenous homelessness
  • Youth homelessness
  • The prevention of homelessness
  • Legal and justice issues
  • Measuring progress toward ending homelessness
  • Mobilizing research knowledge

Our Impact

We know that research alone cannot end homelessness. However, it is our role, and that of our partners, to generate research that supports significant conceptual shifts and provides an evidence base that allows others to implement solutions that truly work toward preventing and ending homelessness. To do so, the Housing for all Seattle employs a range of strategies to inform stakeholders and disrupt longstanding, ineffective responses to homelessness.