call seattle city councilmembers

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 Not sure what district you live in?   Find out here.

Not sure what district you live in?  Find out here.

It’s best if you can personalize your message.  Why is this issue important to you?  Have you or someone close to you experienced homelessness?  Do you spend more than 30% of your income on rent?  Are you unable to live where you want to live because of housing costs?  But, it’s also just fine to read a script like the ones below.


Hi, my name is _________.  I'm calling to urge you to close the housing gap with new progressive revenue.

The City needs to build affordable housing on a much, much larger scale than is currently planned – there's just no way around that.  I support $150 per year in new progressive revenue, including $75 million this spring through a tax on large businesses.  It's not enough to build all the housing that's needed, but it's a strong start.  I urge Councilmember _________ to lead on this issue and help move our city forward.


Hi, my name is ________.  I'm calling to ask you to address the homelessness crisis by building low-income housing on a massive scale.

I want to be proud of my city, but that's hard when thousands of my neighbors are sleeping outside.  We live in an incredibly wealthy city in an incredibly wealthy country, it's shameful that we can't guarantee everyone the basic right of housing or even shelter.

I want Seattle to be a model for the rest of the country.  But right now are so far behind on creating subsidized housing, Seattle is even lagging behind most other big cities – and it's going to take a lot of resources to catch up.

People are tired of half-measures.  Your constituents want to see real progress.  That's why I support legislation raising at least $75 million per year through a tax on large businesses, and I urge Councilmember ___________ to take a lead on getting it passed.


I’m calling to voice my support for closing the housing gap with new progressive revenue.  We’re won’t be able to end homelessness in Seattle until we create tens of thousands of new homes that are affordable to  our lowest-income neighbors.

I stand with the Housing For All Coalition in urging you to raise $150 million in new progressive revenue, including a tax on the largest businesses, so that our city can start creating housing, shelter and services at the scale of the crisis.

I hope you will support “going big” with this legislation and vote yes. Thanks for your time.